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Swatch Service

We operate a swatch service on our site where you can add swatches to your basket, on their own or with other purchases.

Items available for swatching will have a green “Order fabric swatch” button to add a swatch to your basket.

Swatches are intended for colour matching and to give an idea of weight and fabric type. Swatches may not provide you with an indication of properties such as pattern repeat, selvedge or scalloped edge, or all colours involved in a pattern/embroidery/print. Should you require a larger swatch, you can order our minimum cut of 10cm, which will add a postage charge to your order

The swatches will be numbered with their relevant stock code(s) from our online store, these codes are searchable on our system. An invoice with the codes and item descriptions is included. Your swatches may be cut from a different batch to your volume order, and slight batch variation may incur. There is no limitation to the number of swatches you can order.

Swatches are currently available on items under £85/m at £2 per swatch, and on selected items between £85/ and £125/m at £3 per swatch. They are not available on certain trims as well as leather skins, motifs and buttons or any item sold whole.

Trim swatches will be very small, about 5cm. This is again meant as an indication of style and colour.

Swatches are meant as a visual and textural aid to help you select which fabric or trim is suitable for your needs. The price does not reflect the quantity of fabric or trim you receive.

How to buy a fabric swatch

Swatches are non-refundable.

Cost: Swatches alone will not incur a shipping fee, but cost £2-3 each. This cost does not directly reflect the value of the fabric, but partially covers the cost of providing the service, stationary and postage. Should you add a volume of 10cm or more to your basket, regular shipping will apply.

Shipping: Our online store reaches a much larger audience than our retail stores, and we receive a vast amount of swatch orders every day. This means that swatch orders may sometimes take longer to prepare and ship than volume orders. If you select the “Free Shipping” option for swatches only in the checkout, your order will be sent by Royal Mail First Class, be it within or outside the UK. If you require your swatches to be trackable, select regular shipping in the checkout and we will send them by DHL, at the regular shipping rates. Check out our shipping page for more details.

Size: Our swatches are on average 3-4cm wide and about 15-20cm long, depending on the fabric type, pattern etc. This is to allow you to see the colour and nature of the fabric before placing a larger order.